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Ingenta will be attending the following shows:

Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany. October 2004Online Information, London, UK. December 2004

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Customer Service Corner: How to Report Access Problems

Reporting access problems to a vendor can be tricky for new librarians. Here are some helpful tips to consider before reporting a problem to a vendor.

1) Try, if possible, to recreate the problem on more than one machine. There may be a piece of software or setting that is causing the problem. It would be helpful to narrow down which computers, or types of users are affected. Perhaps some computers at your location go through a proxy, while others do not. This can affect the IP address used to access the Internet, which can in turn affect access rights.

2) Record the IP address of affected computers. The IP address is a very vital piece of information in tracking down problems. You can get the IP address several ways, for example, by using free sites that will report your IP address, such as www.whatismyipaddress.com.

A note about internal IP addresses: If you believe your IP address begins with either 10.10 or 192.168, or 172.16 please be sure to perform the tests above before reporting a problem. These IP ranges are reserved for internal use only and will never be used directly to access the Internet.

3) Collect all of the pertinent information about the problem. It can be very helpful to have the URL address you are using to try to access your content or order an article. The address can give Customer Service Staff information about how you are accessing and what server you may be using. If you are linking to Ingenta through a publisher or society’s web site, please indicate the address for that site.

Please also have ready some way to definitively identify your account. Many institutions have more than one account. Usually the best way to convey this information is with your administrative user name. Other information can help track down the account as well. The IP address or log in values used to access the account can also help with identifying the exact account.

Having a specific example of the search you performed will be helpful. Without this information it may be difficult to recreate the problem and hence fix it. If possible, testing a few other articles from the same issue can indicate whether the problem is isolated to just one article, or if it affects several articles.

4) If reporting missing access for a title, try to identify the subscription number for the title. This may be located on the mailing label of the journal. Also, if you use an agent, indicate which one you use. The publisher may need to be consulted to confirm access and having the above information will be useful.

Good luck and remember the Ingenta Customer Service team is ready to assist you with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have about our service or the new IngentaConnect beta website. To contact the Customer Service team, email help@ingenta.com.