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Online advertising on IngentaConnect: what to expect

You may have noticed that over the past year we have been trialling online advertising around some of IngentaConnect's journals. We have begun to offer this service to publishers to help them explore alternative revenue streams in the face of changing business models in scholarly publishing. A significant proportion of the 31,000 publications carried by IngentaConnect have now adopted online advertising in some form, and we are working with a number of different partners in the advertising industry to help us manage the program and ensure that it is discreet and inoffensive.

Why are you doing this?
As budgets are squeezed across the information community, there is a need for publishers to explore alternative revenue streams in order to rely less on subscription incomes. One such potential revenue stream is online advertising, which is proving to be successful for several prestigious journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine. As a major online host for scholarly publishers, we felt it was important to help publishers tap the potential of online advertising.

What does it look like?
Although many of our publications now carry online advertising, the parameters under which ads are served may mean you have not yet seen one of our ads. Here are some screenshots to help you visualise how ads have been placed on IngentaConnect:

Typical example of Google ads displaying on an IngentaConnect article abstract page

Typical example of Google ads displaying on an
IngentaConnect article abstract page (view live)

We aim to balance the advertisers' desire to have ads placed in highly-visible positions, and our users' need to retain a clear research interface. Hence we have restricted the placement of ads so that they do not impinge upon content and are only placed around the edges of our navigation tools. There are no ads served within full-text articles.

How is it controlled?
We use a system called CheckM8 to select, reject and otherwise control the ads that appear on IngentaConnect. Each ad supplied by a partner is vetted before appearing on the site, and we have the ability to quickly and easily withdraw ads should we receive any complaints. We reject ads if we consider that they are in any way likely to cause offence, even through their format (we avoid flashing ads) or design (we avoid luridly-coloured ads).

Which publishers have chosen to display ads?
The following IngentaConnect publisher partners have chosen to use the advertising program:

  • Australian Academic Press
  • Australian Association for Research in Education
  • Bentham Science Publishers
  • Berghahn Journals
  • British Journal of Infection Control
  • British Psychological Society
  • Cartography and Geographic Information Society
  • Clay Minerals Society
  • Community Practitioner
  • CSF Medical Communications
  • Emerald
  • EPP Publications
  • Future Drugs
  • Future Medicine
  • Haworth Press
  • Hirzel Verlag
  • Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals
  • Kingston Press Ltd
  • Lawrence and Wishart
  • Melbourne University Press
  • Middle East Institute
  • Mineralogical Society
  • Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd
  • NISC Pty Ltd
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pavilion
  • Pharmaceutical Press
  • Reproductive Healthcare Ltd
  • Royal Botanical Society of Belgium
  • Royal Society of Medicine Press
  • Science Reviews
  • South African Institute of International Affairs
  • Springer
  • Springer Publishing Company
  • Stellar Medical Publicatons
  • The National Society of Professional Surveyors
  • Total Theatre Network
  • University of Buckingham Press
  • Urban & Fischer
  • Whiting & Birch

What impact does it have on my users?
One of our advertising partners, Tacoda, displays ads based on behavioural targetting rather than context. This means that they gather audience data and assign profiles to users based on their online behaviour. No personal information is collected, but a cookie is deposited in the user's browser to identify them on future occasions. This process is entirely transparent and designed to ensure that users receive ads which are likely to be of more interest to them. Users retain the option to reject cookies if they do not wish to be behaviourally-targetted.

What should I do if I am unhappy with an ad?
If you would like to take issue with the content of any of IngentaConnect's ads, please contact help@ingenta.com and we will ensure that the material is reviewed and removed as quickly as possible.

What plans do you have for developing the program?
We have recently formed an agreement with a new partner, Ten Alps, which will sell IngentaConnect advertising inventory on behalf of our publishers. This should result in some new high-quality ads appearing on the site. They will need to conform to our standards (see "How is it controlled ") to be accepted. We continue to seek partners to help our publishers sell the space around their online publications to appropriate advertisers.

For more information
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, help@ingenta.com, if you would like to find out more.